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Krump Dancer

With a dance style as young as Krump, it captivated my heart. After six years of dancing Krump I can confidently say that my delicacy and strength translates to having a one of a kind Krump style. With that being said, I go by my dance name Lady Tchozn (pronounced as chosen). I was born in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. In 2017 I graduated at the InHolland University of Applied Sciences and got my bachelor’s degree in Creative Business in Rotterdam. I have a proven record of accomplishment for assisting and managing teams to complete projects and events.

I thrive to stay feminine in a male-dominated field. I have been participating in Krump competitions and I have traveled to compete in battles or gain more Krump knowledge. Of all the competitions that I won, these are the few highlights: I won first place at the international championship in Switzerland named ‘Warriors Krumpgame’. I also took the first place at ‘UDO World Championship’ in Edinburgh.  On top of that I won first place together with my big ‘homie’ Tchozn at the competition ‘Next Step’ in Europe. I thrive to stay feminine in a male-dominated field: ‘My delicacy and confidence translates into strength when I dance, which I believe can be both understood by men and women.



I have been very open with my emotions since my high school and I am not afraid to show that on stage or in front of the camera. I have taken theatre classes at the Culturalis Theatre in The Hague, to eventually play a part in a Shakespeare piece. Currently, I am taking it to the big screen and I have started my commercial career in 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The agency SjouerCasting has taken me in and I have already scored my first commercial in a very short period of time. With a Dutch company named Verkade, I did not only get to play the part in one of their commercials, but I got the opportunity to play in two of their commercials. I also got the opportunity to play in a commercial for the car company BMW. BMW not only has a history of success in building luxurious cars, based on statistics given by AutoTrader, BMW is the most popular used car in Europe. As driven as I am, I continue to develop myself more on the field of acting. Currently I am busy with shooting for a big International company, which I cannot reveal yet, due to a signed confidential agreement.

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